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Made in: Wherever You Are

A New Dawn for Sustainable Commerce

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We take digital designs

Created by global 3D artists

Turn them into physical products

That customers can personalize

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And manufacture them

Through our grid of +1,900
local 3D printshops

Join the hive
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Greener & Smarter

We’re creating a world of sustainable commerce where digital assets are locally manufactured on-demand, anywhere. 

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Make only what you need, when you need it

Cut down on overseas shipping

Support local businesses

Sell Products
Tailored to Your Business

Reduce costs, stand out & embrace a greener way to sell

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No inventory

No product is manufactured unless ordered beforehand.
This means - no need to buy large stocks in advance. 

Always local

It doesn't matter where you are. Your order will be made in a local Printshop - so no need for overseas shipping.

Fitted to your needs

The Cubee system gives you the flexibility to fit products to your needs before production - size, shape, and color.

Have a 3D printer?
Start Printing For Others!

Cubee enables anyone with a 3D printer to open a
one-stop-shop and become a micro-factory - for FREE.

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